Carew II - Family and Training Centre - Inner East Belfast


In the past East Belfast was renown for its industry with the Shipyard, Shorts, Ropeworks, and Gallaghers etc. However this is all in the past, and unfortunately this view still remains outside of the area.

Carew II is situated in inner East Belfast, an area of multiple deprivation, with high unemployment, low income, poor health and poor educational attainment. Local families are facing extreme difficulties without the recognition from all of the statutory and voluntary organisations and agencies.

For this reason Carew II has worked to ensure that information on local need is highlighted and brought to the attention of those who can make a difference. Through sitting on committees, responding to consultations and making funding applications a lot more information is now known about the area.

Carew II will continue to advocate on behalf of local families and encourage support and development opportunities within the area.


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